If you’re looking for quality, assurance and safety when shopping on the internet, especially when it comes to food, you’ve come to the right place.


That’s why we’ve dedicated more than 20 years to bringing the very best of the oceans to your kitchen! .

 Three essential cornerstones set us apart from the rest:

“We are Mediterranean-based and thus have

a strategic stronghold”

We are based in the Mediterranean and thus have a strategic stronghold, but we also operate in the world’s leading fishing zones.

From every Spanish coastline (Mediterranean, Cantabrian and Atlantic) and the world’s leading fishing zones, we obtain the finest raw materials to manufacture the best possible products.


“We rigorously safeguard the quality of your orders”

We are meticulous about maintaining the quality of your order, adhering strictly to the cold chain throughout. We control the temperature of the fish right from the source and through to its arrival in our refrigerated facilities, where we classify, store, slice, descale, wash, transform, process and package it.

We carry out stringent health controls of all fish batches and collect the traceability data of the fish by both physical and electronic processes.

JAPOFISH boasts an infrastructure and a set of procedures that have been designed to process fish in such a way as to keep all the essence of the oceans intact.


“A top quality cold chain infrastructure”

Our 3,500 square metre facility has a storage capacity of 1,500 tonnes to safeguard the quality of fresh or frozen fish and is equipped with extensive refrigeration systems and the most advanced technological tools to maintain food quality and safety.

More than 2,000 fish businesses, both wholesale and retail, have put their faith in us throughout our many years in the sector.


“We are committed to your satisfaction 24/7”

Our entire team is dedicated to achieving your satisfaction, from the fishermen who catch or transform the fish through to the people who ensure your order arrives in the very best condition. This is endorsed by the fact that for more than 20 years our clients have rated us with the highest satisfaction levels. It is this level of trust that drives us to continue working and innovating to offer the highest standard of service and products.

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